Why Your Bedroom Antics Should Always Be An Adventure

With so many conflicting attitudes towards sex battling it out within our modern cultures, it is hardly surprising that more couples than ever are having problems keeping the passion burning in their relationships. With longer working hours, lower salaries, bigger bills, and a constant stream of bad news from the rest of the world, it can often seem like sex should be a lesser priority.

Yet, this is one of the great mistakes of our age, an age which bows down to the iPhone but has never picked up a Kama Sutra, an age which voraciously consumes internet pornography but shies away from sexual expression. If anything, right now, when there is much tragedy and trouble in the world, we should all be taking solace in the warm, wet, and slippery comfort of great sex.

The Endless Joys of Sex

It is free, can be enjoyed in an almost endless combination of ways, can be indulged in almost anywhere, and it has been proved to have a tremendously uplifting impact on the mind and body. It is time to get down and dirty and rid ourselves of sexual inhibition, because there is so much joy to be had in the bedroom – and the first step is learning how to own your pleasure.

The only way to know what gets you off is to try it, so ignore the social conventions which try to put everybody in a neat box of sexual preference and have fun. If you have always had a secret interest in whips and chains, buy some and try it out. If it ends up not being right for you, that’s fine, but if you wield a whip or play with handcuffs and feel thrilled, it could be the right avenue to explore.

Taking It Out of the Bedroom

If you are in a long term relationship, getting into a new kind of sexual play can be a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. Can you imagine the look on her face if you slipped a blindfold over her eyes, bound her wrists, and pulled off her underwear with your teeth? You could lead her to the bed (tie her to the bed, if it suits) and take full charge of her pleasure.

Or, how about spicing things up by taking sex out of the confines of the bedroom? You could have sex in the shower, on the kitchen table (just like the movies), in the car, over the back of the sofa, or even outside if you can find a secret spot and the courage to get naked in the bare air. The truth is that only you are in control of your sex life and if you want get a girl moaning, you have to be worth the effort.