More to Charlton than Football

Of course there is a lot more to Charlton than football. Charlton is today a rather wealthy area in South East London and the people who make it their home, have very high standards. This is reflected at Charlton escorts. The agency was set up as an elite or VIP agency five years ago and the owner, Steven, has seen it go from strength to strength. The dating scene in Charlton is surprisingly busy and active, and one of the most popular dating styles is dinner dating. The area is serviced by some really nice restaurants and bars which only adds to the character of the area.

Before Steven set up Charlton escorts, he used to run a South London escorts agency. He says that he loved every minute of it but wanted to try something else. It wasn’t a posh area, laughs Steven, and I wanted to have a new challenge. So, I sold up and moved to Charlton. I immediately realized the area needed an elite or VIP escorts agency, and I started to set it up. Now, I think it is the best thing I have ever done. I have fewer girls but I know all of them very well. It is a much better working atmosphere.

Charlton Escorts
Charlton Escorts

Who are the dates? The most popular service we have is the one to one service so a lot of our dates are senior gents. Most of them have their own homes and are divorced. They all have high profile jobs such as barristers, stock brokers or work in government. I never ask too many questions, I just let the girls get on with their jobs. Most of them prefer dating Charlton escorts on a Friday and Saturday night. It is almost like it is a weekend treat for them in many ways.

Some dates are on an outcall basis but the majority of them are incalls. All of the Charlton escorts are very discreet and do not live in the area. They live close by but only rent their boudoirs here. I think it works best that way and all of our gents can rely on our discretion. My escorts are special. My wife actually selected all of the girls, and most of them are English, Hungarian or Scandinavian. We have very few problems within the agency as the gents are so nice. My wife does, however, insist that all of the girls keep their boudoirs very nicely.

We have not plans on adding another service to Charlton escorts. We have been asked for escorts for couples a few times but we can take of that need with our existing girls. The only thing that we will do is to recruit some more girls in the autumn. I understand that there is a divorce crisis at the moment and this seems to be reflected in our dating scene. The majority of our dates are divorced or single. As a matter of fact, I would say that 99 % of all our dates are divorced, says Steven.