London escorts are the reason why I move on from a painful past.

It is heavy in me to carry all the painful things I went through in life, I have a hard time to move on, and it wasn’t just easy to let go of those feelings, but thanked god I already put the past behind. It is a long journey for me but looking back it never affects me anymore.

I grow up in a chaotic environment, broken family and miserable life. My father left us and hated him for doing so. I still can remember the things we do before when he is still alive. He is always there for us and provides our needs. I am so proud of him back, told my friends that I have a fantastic dad I won’t replace. He is a hero for me, every time I asked mom for a toy, and she refuses, my dad surprises me my favorite toy. He spoiled me so much, we are the best team in basketball, he taught me how to drive a bicycle, and he is very patient with me. He was there to comfort me every time I get bullied. Well, I love my mom too, she reads stories of me before I go to sleep.

But that was all before; my life turns down when they separated. Of course, the custody was given to mom, and my dad supported our needs. But as time pass by, he delays in sendings until such time no more. My mom also starts to live her own life, she acts like a single woman and always came home late. She never prepared food and then one day, I was shocked when she brought a man into the house. She cooked and cared for him. She is more focus on her boyfriend than us. She decided to bring us to grandma and stay there. She promises to give support. She got pregnant and entirely forget us. She does not want to see us and ask for help because she has a new family now.

I am so depressed and frustrated with my family. They leave us like an animal. I took care of my siblings, work hard for both of us. My grandma loves us very much, but she is too old to look for a living. Thanked God we are both scholars of my brother. I keep in mind that my parents are my enemy and I carry it every day of my life since most of the days I saw a happy and lovely family. I just cried and wished that someday I will build my own family and never left them. I knew about London escorts, and it was great booking them visit them at London escorts for £79p/h | escorts in London sx | The cheapest escorts in London for £79p/h, you wont find cheaper and more quality escorts, because of them I learned to let go of the past to move forward. London escorts are the reason why I move on from a painful past