I get excited when I am drunk

I have met a lot of hot guys in my life, and I have always enjoyed their company. Recently, I met a really nice but he is different from the others. Unlike the others he does not get me going in the same way, and I only want him when I am drunk. It is kind of sad but I only get excited around him when I am drunk. I have been trying to talk to my girlfriends at London escorts about it, and I am not so sure they can see where I am coming from, but there are trying.

One of the girls that I work with at London escorts, say that there might be something about him that does not get my motor running. To be honest, I am trying to figure it out. Sometimes when a guy walks through the door at my London escorts boudoir, there is something about him that does not turn me on. Perhaps this is the same kind of experience. I have been trying to figure it out, and I imagine my boyfriend walking through my door at my London escorts boudoir. The only problem is that I cannot put my finger on it at all.

Smell is a really important sense to us humans, and I keep wondering if there is something in my boyfriend’s smell that turns me off. I have asked the other girls at London escorts to sort of have a sniff the next time they meet him. It seems like a funny thing to do, but you are not always aware of somebody’s smell. One of the girls back at London escorts used to have a really good looking boyfriend but he smelt disgusting. She loved to look at him, and got turned on by his photograph, but could not stand the smell of him.

Sometimes the sign are so small that they are difficult to spot. Another one of the girls at London escorts asked me if he had all of his teeth, and he does. I know what she means, kissing a guy who does not have all of his teeth is not nice at all, and would not turn me on. Another one of the girls from a different escorts in London service asked me if he was clean. Yes, he is always clean so it is not that. Maybe it is just a basic thing which cannot be fixed at all.

I do like him, and he is great fun to be with, but it is costing both him and me a fortune in drinks. He says that he has never met a woman who can drink as much as I can. Like my friends at London escorts know, I am not a big drinker at all, and I hate the fact that I am having to drink a lot around him. Maybe I am not really being me around him, and I think it he might think that I am a bit weird. Could it be that I need to find myself another man?