How to have some real fun in the bedroom

How do you have some real fun in the bedroom? Going to bed with the same person every night may get boring, and it is a good idea to try and get creative. I am not very creative, but my sister who used to work for London escorts is certainly very creative. She has some great ideas when it comes to spicing up you love life, and making closing the door to the bedroom much more fun. My sister doesn’t work for London escort anymore, she has actually studied and become a sex therapist. So here you go, some free advice from a top London sex therapist.

When I worked for London escorts, I did meet a lot of gents who complained about not having a lot of fun in the bedroom. The truth is that this is probably true in a lot of household in the UK. As a therapist, I don’t believe it ends marriage, or drives men into the arms of London escorts. However, I think that a lot of men who have ended their marriages for one reason or another, may talk about it. But the fact is that women do too, women are after all becoming more assertive when it comes to sex.

The first thing you want to do, is to make the bedroom your sanctuary. I admit that this is not easy. The girls I worked with at London escorts were always complaining that their kids would come into the bedroom, and so on. There has to be limits, and it might be a good idea to get a door with a lock.

Furniture in the bedroom is important. Invest in a really nice comfortable bed, and if you truly want to go London escort style, get some comfortable throws and place them on the bottom on the bed. These are not for the dog to sleep on. They are for you in case you fancy making love on the floor.

Don’t jump straight in and say make love to make. Once again think a bit more like this great London escort here. Start your evening with a nice sensual massage, and learn how to relax together. Most of us forget that feeling relaxed with lead to better sex. Getting in the mood is about the pleasure of touch and creating that special moment of passion. This will make you enjoy your special night together much more.

Sensual pleasure is really important, and you can easily add little things like candles. London escorts use a lot of candles, and they sort of create a sensory haven away from the rush of life. Try to create this yourself by using scented candles, and aromatherapy oil burners. It is worth investing in your bedroom as this is part of the sensory experience called sex. It is all about touch and creating the right mood. London escort are maybe a specialist at it, but there are many hot tips which you can apply to your own personal space. How to design a sensual bedroom is easier than you think.