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Getting myself tangled up with Abigail Eleanor was the biggest mistake of my life. She is the girl who made my life so much harder. Abigail and I meet at a friend’s birthday party. At first, I thought that she is a great girl. I had not notice anything weird about her at all. She acts appropriately and does not look like she is a mean person. She is also a beautiful lady and me successful accountant at a firm. Even though she has many good qualities, Abigail was still single. How can a girl like that stay single? She has everything that a guy wants on a girl.

I thought that I had no chance to her but I was wrong. Abigail and I started connecting and it was really a good feeling for me. Meeting Abigail added an exigent in my life that I have never felt before. She makes me feel alive. but what I did not be Abigail was a criminal. She is running from the police because she is a fraud. She already scammed many people and took a lot of money from them. I did not know that at all that time. I was really falling for Abigail and she and I had chosen to be a couple. I did not notice bad even if we are already together for three months.

But when the police finally caught up to her, they also suspected me too. The cops thought that Abigail and I was an accomplice who is not true at all I never had any idea about the illegal things that she did in the past. It was a foolish mistake to fall in love with a criminal. I was so ashamed of myself I could not see my family and friends. My parents could not believe what had happened to me. I brought shame to them. And some of my friends also thought that the accusations of the police of me were true. Abigail ruined my life and she did not even apologized at me once. All by the people I know judge me even though I was already acquitted for the charges.

My experience made me realize that I am indeed a gullible man. I am very weak when it comes to pretty ladies and Abigail was one of them. It’s time for me to change because I don’t want that headlining to me again. I was very thankful because I did not get fired. Lucky for me my boss still have me a second chance, but I will not commit that mistake anymore. It’s better for me to book Harlow escorts. Booking Harlow escorts for me because it is safe. Harlow escorts of makes sure that I will never commit that mistake again.